The J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions

January 12 − 19, 2017
Vanderbilt Hall

The J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions, Grand Central Terminal’s only annual sports event, will celebrate its 20th anniversary of presenting the world’s very best squash players competing for one of the sport’s most prestigious trophies in Vanderbilt Hall from January 12-19, 2017. The four-walled glass court, to be constructed in the five days prior to first round play, will showcase the competitive intensity and phenomenal athleticism of 128 of the world’s top squash players. In 1995, ToC was one of the first events to be staged in Vanderbilt Hall when the venue was made available for public use. In the years since, as befits its name, all but two of the titleholders have been world #1 players. Fans will be able to catch the action in Grand Central from the ticketed seats in the stadium, free standing room at the front wall or on closed circuit TV screens on the west side of Vanderbilt Hall. Tickets can be purchased at