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A Grand


New York’s evolving urbanscape now includes Grand Central Madison. A seamless Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) trip to Manhattan’s East Side is now a reality as Grand Central Madison brings LIRR trains to Grand Central Terminal for the first time. This new connection is the most transformative change to LIRR service in over a century.

A Grand


A contemporary counterpart to Grand Central Terminal, Grand Central Madison is designed to meet the everyday needs of daily users and occasional visitors. A robust and lively retail program is a key component to realizing a positive passenger experience. Grand Central Madison’s retail program will find success by executing upon a vision that creates a grand sense of place and reinforces strong brand fundamentals.

*Statistics from 2023 Grand Central Madison Intercept Survey

A Grand


A beautifully intricate and complex engineering feat, Grand Central Madison took a former train storage yard and transformed it into a new 350,000 SF state-of-the-art train terminal, with spacious concourses, engaging public art, and a grand architectural design. It took a vision, and a lot of hard work, to create Grand Central Madison – and it shows. Grand Central Madison has all the defining characteristics that make it a great public place.

As an extension of Grand Central Terminal, Grand Central Madison draws inspiration from its connection to the past with a design that evokes a sense of stature, sophistication, and permanence – all adjectives befitting the introduction of a new terminal into the New York vernacular. All in all, Grand Central Madison represents the very best of what New York can be.

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RFP Documents 
Now Available

Things are happening here.


Better transit, greater access to jobs, new top-of-the-line office space, world-class design, eye-catching public art, real-time information.


Grand Central Madison is open, full of optimism, and ready for business.


Request for Proposals for the Development and Management of All Retail Spaces documents are now available – get started:

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