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A large crowd of people in a large building.

Apple Store

Apparel, Electronics, Gifts

A woman holding a shopping bag in a store.

Banana Republic

Apparel, Gifts

A person walking past an atm in a subway station.

Bank of America ATMs


Beer table to-go kegs.

Beer Table To Go

Bar & Spirits, Take-out

A plate of bread and pears on a table next to a gift.

Bien Cuit

Breakfast, Coffee & Bakery, Desserts, Fast Casual, Grand Central Market, Take-out

A piece of cake with raspberries on top of a plate.

Bourke Street Bakery

Breakfast, Coffee & Bakery, Desserts, Fast Casual, Lunch, Take-out

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Apparel, Gifts

The front of a store with people standing in front of it.

Café Grumpy

Breakfast, Coffee & Bakery, Fast Casual, Take-out

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